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A life coach in Personal Development & Relationships..


It all starts and ends with you…

Personal Life Coaching

I will lead you on your journey to reconnect with self and help you create the life you desire. 

Relationship Coaching

I will guide you on your path to build happy, honest and healthy relationships. 

Limiting Beliefs & Thinking Patterns

Usually the main thing that holds us back is how we perceive and talk to ourselves. I will help you identify, quieten and replace these unhelpful thought patterns. 

Core Values & Motivators

Core values are what guide us and give our lives meaning.  They drive the decisions we make which go on to determine our destiny. I will help you find out: who you really are, your personal values and how you can move in alignment with them. 

Vision & Goal setting

We feel lost when we have no sense of direction in our lives. I will help you explore your options, discover your vision, set your goals with action plans to achieve them..

Relationships & Connections

As humans we need to engage with others in order to reach true fulfilment on our lives. I will help you create boundaries and realistic expectations for yourself and others, that will build meaningful connections.   

Why choose life coaching?  

Life coaching allows you to acknowledge your past, whilst being present and prepare you for your future.  

A coach helps identify what prevents you from making necessary changes, challenges you on your deepest desires and holds you accountable as you move closer to your goals. 


Coaching with Corina..

Everything starts and ends with you. The answers you search for lie within yourself.  

As your life coach, I will train you in strategies of self-reflection that will shift your perspective. You will then be able to identify the areas you need to work on and put effective plans in place. I will hold you to account at each milestone towards your goals

To start your journey with me you must be willing to:

  • Accept RESPONSIBILITY for yourself 
  • Take ACTION when required 
  • Be PRESENT in the moment and look forward to your future

Believe to be ready to start your new journey? Perfect, by getting in touch with me today you would already be taking your first step on your brand new journey.

I am ready, are you? Lets do this!

Coaching Packages


Before we get started it is imperative, we conclude life coaching is the right path for you. We also need to determine if we are the right fit to work with each other: 

More Details
  • Short questionnaire to be completed prior to call 
  • One 30 minute conversation over the phone 
  • Informal conversation 
  • Briefly determine your goals 

6 Week Coaching Package

One to one coaching in person (subject to location and pandemic restrictions) or over Zoom.  

More Details
  • Weekly 50 minute sessions  
  • Email contact (up to 3 short email queries weekly) 
  • One 15 minute phone call between sessions  
  • Your own workbook to keep   
  • Work on one specific goal established in the first session.  

Message me today to book in your free consultation! 

VIP Coaching Package

One to one coaching in person (subject to location and pandemic restrictions) or over Zoom/Google Chat services.

More Details
  • Up to 4 months of weekly coaching 
  • 2 goals to be established is session 1 and worked on consecutively 
  • Sessions up to 90 mins 
  • Two 10 minute phone calls between each session  
  • Ongoing email contact  
  • Workbook with specific agreed steps 
  • A complimentary bonus session for a new goal on completion of goals 1 and 2 

Message me today to book in your  free consultation!

About Me

 When I was younger, I was naturally curious, with big aspirations and an even bigger heart. I went on to let the opinions of others and unfortunate life events destroy my spirit and the very essence of who I was. I was extremely angry, terribly bitter and completely out of touch with myself. This then led me to make horrible decisions in my love life, friendships and career. 

At 25 when I left an unhealthy relationship it was like a light bulb had gone off in me. I knew I could no longer blame other people for the way my life and relationships were panning out. I was playing a major role!
 So I finally decided to stop running away from myself and took the long hard and lonely journey into Corina.
                                                                                      For the first time in my life, I  became aware and took responsibility for myself. I learnt to acknowledge and accept my flaws, my strengths and my appearance. I went back in time and faced my childhood traumas, I forgave others and most importantly I forgave myself.


Why do I say all this? Well I say this because I have gone onto experience true peace, gratitude and faith in myself and life again. I’ve set goals and gone on to achieve them. I’ve also been able to forge and rebuild meaningful relationships and connections. I want to share my experiences with other like minded people and help them first find and then reconnect with themselves, so they too can go on to have the lives and relationships they have always desired.


So drop me a message and we can have a chat to see if I am, 



“Corina has helped me recognise the all the things I am really good at. I am working on my confidence levels small steps at a time to execute my goals”

– Natalie P


Corina is an amazing coach. Every time I have had a session with her I always take away a new perspective to look at a situation. She is easy to relate to and really takes the time to listen and understand you. She is empowering and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Corina her calm nature and ability to understand you as an individual makes her a fantastic coach to work with!!’

-Lauren W

In one session she helped me put down on paper what I wanted from life in 5 points, something I have struggled with for months after drastic changes in my life. She helped me identify barriers to my goals, and empowered me to visualise what I wanted from my future with a powerful tool used during our session. I have had many counselling sessions in the past, and in one session I felt better than ever and motivated to overcome challenges to get what I want out of life. Corina was understanding with her listening, detailed and empathetic with her explanations and thoughts. I am so looking forward to my next session, which Corina has already set objectives for us to cover. For anyone struggling with breakups, life changes and difficulties with not knowing how to manage the uncertainty of the future, I would recommend Corina to you, I have already recommended her to friends and family. Thank you Corina for making such a difference in one session, I have already starting making changes and I am so looking forward to our future sessions.’

– Vikki M

Are you ready to start your new journey with Your Coach, Corina today?