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I came across a post on MLK JR a couple of days ago. It happened to mention courage and stated; ‘the opposite of courage is conformity’. This resonated with me.

Whenever I think of, or hear the word courage I think about the lion from the Wizard of Oz and his cowardliness. When I really think about the lion now I see a lot of myself in that caricature.

As a child I was naturally curious and always asking questions. A lot of the time I was met with’ I dont know” “Oh shush, not now Corina’ ‘Oh please stop asking questions”. I’d then go on to school and try my hand at anything that involved dance, music and drama. I grew up loving these areas and really wanted to be a singer. The feedback though tended to be negative so I gave up.

Thats where conformity comes in. I allowed other people’s opinions and instructions to stop me from learning or doing what I really wanted to do. Courage is where I quieten the self-doubt and negative feedback and continue anyway.

Courage is the opposite of conformity as you stand up for what you believe in and listen to what you heart truly desires

What does courage mean to you? Where have you conformed when you really wanted to do your own thing?

Image: PrinceDavid from Unsplash