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I spent a lifetime running away from my emotions or at least trying to. I thought that ignoring and denying them I was no longer feeling them. What I was really doing was suppressing them and letting them gain momentum for more negative ones to arise.

When i learnt that my emotions were not facts I began to accept them for what they were, indicators.  Our emotions tell us what is for us and what we may need to change or reconsider. They merely help us to review our actions, circumstances and the people in our lives.

Our emotions are of course valid but they do not have to define us. They are variables and are constantly changing. When I allowed myself to truly feel them i felt them pass just as quickly as they had came.  my rational side was able to then take over to allow me to respond accordingly. 

Our emotions can be our greatest tool, if we know how to use them wisely. I stopped chasing happiness as it became clear I would be in a never ending race to find it. I now choose to seek personal growth and fulfilment. With growth and fulfilmet comes happiness.

How can you use your emotions to your advantage? What areas of your life need improving that your emotions have been highlighting to you?