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When I look back on what has held a lot of us from truly living our lives one thing always comes comes up. No matter how it is wrapped, shaked or served up the cause of what has kept us stagnant is fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection you name it, fear tends to be right there riding shotgun. 

Of course fear is a good tendency to have in some cases as it prevents us from causing serious harm to ourselves and others in dangerous situations. But what about in the cases of taking a calculated risk on a new job, investment or relationship? This fear canSee below ways I have identified that can help you use your fears to your advantage:

  1. Identify – sit with and analyse what it is that you are exactly afraid of. Why? Look at the root cause  and where it stems from. Ask yourself is this fear practical, realistic or understandable. When we do this we can discern if our fear is rational and serving us or irrational and hindering us.
  2. The benefits – on the other side of our irrational fear tends to be something we really want and could benefit from. So look at what you could be set to gain if you were to conquer and over come this fear. Keep this in my mind for the next step.
  3. Face – the best way to befriend and use our fears to our advantage is to simply face up to and deal with them. If you are indeed afraid of being rejected put yourself in situations where it’s very possible you could be rejected. What is the worst that could happen? You are rejected, you didn’t get what you wanted but you are still  here. Try again this time with more experience than your previous attempt.
  4. Learn – when we do indeed face and tackle our fears there is always a valuable lesson or lessons we can take away from it. Use it to your advantage and pass your wisdom  to your future self andon to others.

Remember what is meant for us we shall gain. Have faith that whatever happens it is happening for the best. When we walk away from our fears it keeps us stuck whereas when we face them they set us free.

Which fear of yours is holding you back from reaching your goals? How can you start to tackle it?


Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash